Welcome curious being in search of serenity! 

You learn,
You live.

 If we live and learn we move forward.

If we learn and live we move upwards.

I’m Louise and I’m going up.


Growth Mindset

Never not learning… 

I truly believe that every single situation in life, every meeting is an opportunity to learn. 

Learning new things makes my life meaningful and gives me a sense of growth.

Growth is my most consistent need.


2023: Storytelling course @ Linnéuniversity

Stories have been a powerful tool since the beginning of mankind. That is intriguing and something worth learning how to master.

2022: MBSR-Mindfulnessbased stressreduction @ Sverigehälsan

Learning how to be in control of my feelings and thoughts, so that I can be more productive, efficient and calm even during very pressured times, is worth gold. Also the principles of mindfulness, like accepting what is, and staying curious, even when our feelings want to get the most of us helps me immensely in my every day life.

2020: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy @ The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

Since we basically are what we have lived and see, I figured learning about cognition was necessary to be able to understand myself in my surroundings better so I can live more authentic and free from social pressure. 

Accelerated learning

Is this thing for real or am I dreaming? 

This is the future. We live in such a fast paced world. We need education that’s always at the front. I get excited just thinking about it. I want to be a part of it.

I studied the Natural Science Program in High School to attain a broad foundation of knowledge - ready for opportunities.


I used to work with Sofia Klingberg – Inclusion & Diversity manager at AFRY in Gothenburg. She was sweet enough to be my first reference in this process and has already invited me to come for a visit at the Automation-department at AFRY as soon as I get going. I’m a huge fan of this company and this already feels like an incredible opportunity.



I believe that we’re all born with special talents and special gifts. Gifts – greater than we can even imagine. The industrial revolution needed us to adjust. But we’re not meant to adjust anymore – now the time has come, when becoming our truest, most authentic-self; is what’s needed. 

Before, being of service and making life more fun for others was my main motivation. Today I want to make life easier for others and be a great role-model for my kids, in showing them that learning is the s**t and hard work pays off. 

I also live in an old house with an.. let’s say “surprising” electronic system. Gaining knowledge on this subject and possibly being able to handle these kinds of issues myself makes me ready to start, now. Infact I did. Already going through electricity knowledge (Ellära) on youtube. 

Also, automation, simplifying and improving is already in my DNA and what I always look to do in any process I’m in. 


But most of all, I just want to be of service again. Give everything I got. Be in a field where I never stop learning and always keep growing. A job that is needed, no more marketing make-believe. Hands on - let's do this.


I love problems. Or better said, I love finding solutions. Everything from understanding the problem, the current process, too solving it is fun times to me. 



Since one doesn’t get paid during the course, maybe you could offer a loan to your future academy scholars? 

It could be paid off both in cash or in time, working as a consultant for more than the year you are already talking about.


I’m a dog. If someone gives me a great opportunity I will never forget that. I’ll see that person or organisation as a friend, that I will try to help whenever it needs me, whenever I can. Give and take are the same thing when it comes from the heart. 

Problem solver by default

Ever since I was a kid I would listen to problems and try to solve them.

connection Cameleon

I am genuinely interested in every person I meet. Hence I can connect with close to anyone.

organisation & automation nerd

I'm always looking over the process of what I'm doing, iterating, to see if it can be optimized.

Identifying patterns

In systems, big small, human behaviour and tech - my brain is wired to find patterns and try to understand them.


I know.

I was abroad for 15 years. I was freelancing. I lived in a country with lockdown during a pandemic. I am painfully aware my resumé as it is, does not cut it.

The last years on my resume aren't all that impressive.
I know.

But, I have something else; I have the deepest, most honest, human motivation you can ever find. I’m a mother. 

If you give me the opportunity to work for and with you, I would give you my all and more. 

I am so motivated. For myself. For my family. For the love of learning.

the end

or is it only just the beginning...